No Snoozn: The Podcast Volume 007 ft. Bobby Dubs

NSTP007 COVER ART.jpg.jpeg

Back to 60+ minutes chopping it up with creative entrepreneur homies that you should already know. In Vol. 007, we welcome the return of Bobby Dubs (@jusbobby) along with the hosts: Benny (@bennycupcakin), Lovelisa (@luvl1sa) and J (@daheatadakid). Don’t worry, we brought a stand-in for Poon (@youlovepoon).

As the middle of February approaches, we discuss the love month in all its Valentine glory, discussing the stakes of being in a relationship while being an entrepreneur. Does it work? Tune in to find out what we have to say. We also take some time to answer a few questions from our listeners, so if you had any ?s for us to answer for the next episode, drop us a comment below.

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